Established 1991

"Thank you for nurturing, supporting, educating and much more. My daughter has had a wonderful time at Whizz Kids and had the foundation set."


"The effort you go to is so visible in the events you organise and the everyday activities you do. Mostly, it is watching the children run into nursery that shows what a wonderful job you are doing."


"I am so happy that my son is a confident chatty boy and I know that all the love and attention you gave him has contributed to this. Whizz Kids is a lovely setting and my son has flourished here."


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Procedures for The Introduction Of Staff to The Nursery

The following steps must be followed in respect of all staff:

  • The Ofsted form must be filled in, photocopied and then sent off
  • The new member of staff must be given a tour of the nursery, showing fire exits, fire equipment, fire evacuation procedure and location of the first aid boxes.
  • The new member of staff must be shown the policies of the nursery and asked to read them and sign to indicate they have been understood and accepted.
  • The nursery’s policy on confidentiality and behaviour management must be discussed and signed to indicate agreement.
  • Conditions of employment must be discussed: working hours, pay, holidays and procedures to follow in the event of illness.

The following targets are set for a new member of staff in the first few weeks:

Week 1: The new member of staff will be expected to read through some of the Nursery’s policies, familiarise themselves with set lunch times and snack times and introduce themselves to parents.

Week 2: A new member of staff will be expected to learn the routine of the room and read some more of the policies.

Week 3: A new member of staff will be expected to start to show signs that they are taking on some of the roles and responsibility in the room.

Week 4: A new member of staff will be expected to start to be able to fill in the medicine book and accident book under supervision.

Week 5: A new member of staff will be expected to start talking to the parents about their child’s day.

Week 6: A new member of staff will be able to work as a team to ensure daily routines are followed and to feel comfortable to put forward ideas to other staff members.

Once a week during the first six weeks the Manager will talk to the new member of staff to discuss how they are getting on and to overcome any problems.
After three weeks there will be a more in depth interview with the member of staff to go through all aspects of work.