Established 1991

"Thank you for nurturing, supporting, educating and much more. My daughter has had a wonderful time at Whizz Kids and had the foundation set."


"The effort you go to is so visible in the events you organise and the everyday activities you do. Mostly, it is watching the children run into nursery that shows what a wonderful job you are doing."


"I am so happy that my son is a confident chatty boy and I know that all the love and attention you gave him has contributed to this. Whizz Kids is a lovely setting and my son has flourished here."


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Admissions Procedure

Children are admitted on a first come first served basis at the age of 2 years subject to availability.  Every endeavour is made to identify and secure appropriate provision for children who have special educational needs.   It is our policy that we meet the needs of every child in the Nursery, from the more able to those experiencing difficulty accessing the curriculum.  

Whizz-Kids is a fully inclusive Nursery, we operate on “open door policy”. Whizz Kids is not part of the Government Free Nursery Entitlement scheme.  We do accept nursery vouchers and are part of numerous voucher schemes.  Nursery fees are to be met by parents in full on a termly basis or ½ termly basis.  Online payment methods are also available to parents for convenience. Please contact the nursery for further information with regards to parents’ work place nursery vouchers and nursery fees when required.

Children commence according to their date of birth.  Children may join during the academic year after reaching 2 years old, and will begin in our Rainbow class.  They are required to attend a minimum of 3 sessions per week.

Children who commence aged 3 plus will usually be integrated into our Sunshine class, where it is recommended that children should attend the full five sessions.  

Parents are encouraged to visit the Nursery to check suitability for their child and this will give the parents and your child a taste of pre-school.

Following a visit to the Nursery, parents are required to complete a registration form and send it back to the Nursery for registration ASAP.  At this stage, there is no guarantee that a place is reserved for your child as it is subject to availability.  Once a place has been confirmed by the Nursery, the parents will be sent an acceptance form which needs to be returned to the Nursery to accept the place along with a security deposit of £350 to reserve a place.  Please refer to the terms and conditions for more details with regards to the reservation of a nursery place.

Once the Nursery has received the acceptance form and the security deposit, the parents will be offered a home visit from your child’s allocated key worker to help you complete the necessary paperwork and to get to know your child in their home environment before they join the Nursery.  Parents will also be invited to a nursery introduction session prior to the child starting the nursery, which will cover some day to day nursery activities and uniform requirements and answer any questions parents may have.

Parents are encouraged to communicate with the Nursery via their child’s keyworker who will be assigned to the child as soon as they start the Nursery.  Any concerns with your child can also be discussed with Mrs Liu.