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"Thank you for nurturing, supporting, educating and much more. My daughter has had a wonderful time at Whizz Kids and had the foundation set."


"The effort you go to is so visible in the events you organise and the everyday activities you do. Mostly, it is watching the children run into nursery that shows what a wonderful job you are doing."


"I am so happy that my son is a confident chatty boy and I know that all the love and attention you gave him has contributed to this. Whizz Kids is a lovely setting and my son has flourished here."


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Administration of Medication Procedures

1. Parent or Guardian must fill out a medical consent form, prior to the administration of any medication.

This states: 

  • The name of the child
  • The name of medicine
  • Date, dose and form of medication
  • Full Administration instructions
  • Reason for administration
  • Duration of course of medicine

2. The parent or guardian must supply the medicine in the labelled container supplied by the dispensing pharmacist.

3. All medicines will be returned to parent/guardian daily. No medicines will be kept on the premises at the end of each session.

4. All medicines to be stored in a safe place out of reach of the children.

5. Medicines to be administered by Mrs G J Liu or M Zohreh.

6. Administration of medicines:

  • No oral medicines other than prescribed medicines are to be administered to a child by the carer.
  • The medication record chart should be consulted, and the label on the dispenses medicine checked to confirm that it corresponds to the medication record chart
  • Liquid medicines should be dispensed using the liquid medicines syringes available from the pharmacists.
  • Check the name of the child, ask “what is your name?” do not ask “Are you***?”
  • Offer the medicine to the child and give a drink of water. This should be given even if the medicine is a liquid medicine.
  • If for any reason the child is unable to take the medicine, or refuses the medicine, the parent or guardian should be contacted.
  • The medicine record chart should be signed with administration details and time and signed by a member of staff.
  • The medicine must then be returned to the lockable medicine cupboard/container.
  • If more than one child has to receive a prescribed medicine, only one medicine is to be administered at one time. The other medicines must be locked away.
  • If the medicine is a liquid short course it is important to return the balance to the parent or guardian for evening doses.