Established 1991

"Thank you for nurturing, supporting, educating and much more. My daughter has had a wonderful time at Whizz Kids and had the foundation set."


"The effort you go to is so visible in the events you organise and the everyday activities you do. Mostly, it is watching the children run into nursery that shows what a wonderful job you are doing."


"I am so happy that my son is a confident chatty boy and I know that all the love and attention you gave him has contributed to this. Whizz Kids is a lovely setting and my son has flourished here."


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Non-Collection of Children Policy

Statement of intent

In the event that a child is not collected by an authorised adult, we will ensure that the child receives a high standard of care in order to cause as little distress as possible.  We inform parents/carers of our procedures so that, if they are unavoidably delayed, they will be reassured that their children will be properly cared for.


  • Parents of children starting at the setting are asked to provide specific information which is recorded on our Registration Form, including:
    - home address and telephone number
    - place of work, address and telephone number (if applicable);
    - mobile telephone number (if applicable); 
    - names, addresses, telephone numbers of adults who are authorised by the parents to collect their child from the setting, for example a childminder or grandparent;
    - information about any person who does not have legal access to the child; and
    - who has parental responsibility for the child.
  • On occasions when parents or the persons normally authorised to collect the child are not able to collect the child, they record the name, address and telephone number of the person who will be collecting their child in our Collection Book.  We agree with parents how to verify the identity of the person who is to collect their child.
  • Parents are informed that if they are not able to collect the child as planned, they must inform us so that we can begin to take back-up procedures.  We provide parents with our contact telephone number.   We also inform parents that - in the event that their children are not collected from setting by an authorised adult and the staff can no longer supervise the child on our premises - we apply our child protection procedures as set out in our child protection policy.
  • If a child is not collected at the end of the session/day, we follow the following procedures:
    - The Collection Book is checked for any information about changes to the normal collection routines.
    - If no information is available, parents/carers are contacted at home or at work.
    - If this is unsuccessful, the adults who are authorised by the parents to collect their child from the setting - and whose telephone numbers are recorded on the Registration Form - are contacted.
    - All reasonable attempts are made to contact the parents or nominated carers.
    - The child does not leave the premises with anyone other than those named on the Registration Form and in the Collection Book.
    - If no-one collects the child after one hour and there is no-one who can be contacted to collect the child, we apply the procedures for uncollected children.
    - We contact our local authority social services department (telephone number 0208 359 4066, after 5pm.on  0208 359 2000 ).
    - The child stays at setting in the care of two fully-vetted workers until the child is safely collected either by the parents or by a social worker;
    - Social services will aim to find the parent or relative if they are unable to do so, the child will be admitted into the care of the local authority.
    - Under no circumstances are staff to go to look for the parent, nor do they take the child home with them.
    - A full written report of the incident is recorded in the child's file.
    - Depending on circumstances, we reserve the right to charge parents for the additional hours worked by our staff.
    - Ofsted must be informed (telephone number 0300 1231231 ).
    - Our local Pre-school Learning Alliance office/Pre-school Development Worker (telephone number 07947 614 626 ) may also be informed.